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How to Play


WeedGang is a multi-player on-chain Defi strategy game that combines utility-based NFTs with a tokenomics model and PvP gameplay.

A multiplayer risk game

WEEDGANG pushes the boundaries of P2E game theory. Using a sophisticated tokenomics model for the in-game currency $RAKS combined with multiple types of NFTs and game mechanics for probabilistic breeding, risk-based PvP battling, and a rich trading ecosystem.


Welcome to the Game.

In a distant corner of the metaverse, a pixelated man looks out over his rows of tokenized cannabis plants and pulls happily on his pipe. A stream of $RAKS accrues at the base of each staked plant - the rarer plants with more potent smells and vibrant colours accruing faster.

Later, when the plants are ready to harvest, he will unstake them and claim the $RAKS which he will use to try and breed new, rarer strains or buy more PLOTs of land on which to expand his farm.
Growing cannabis in the metaverse isn’t all giggles and munchies though. Breeding is a complex and expensive art. Some offspring are highly valuable, but there is always a chance a breed falls apart.

In addition, the legalization of cannabis in the metaverse has led to a booming industry of growers, and an underground industry of Strain Battles. Cannabis plants in the metaverse are a little more lively than their real-world counterparts and growers face them off in PvP battles where the winner takes home the others’ plant.


free plot nft mint
Growers need PLOTs of land to grow their cannabis Strains. Each PLOT NFT allows you to stake 5 more Strains, and is normally purchased with $RAKS in-game.

But if you're lucky, you might be able to pick one up for free before launch.



The Genesis Strain Collection (GEN1) licenses and tokenizes the genetic IP of authentic, exclusive cannabis strains from real-life breeders that can be collected, bred and traded.

Genesis strains have an in-game advantage. They can be staked immediately in the game to begin accruing $RAKS which gives advantage later in the game. In addition, they live forever unlike future breeds which die after 10 days.

Veg Phase

Additional game features are launched after Genesis Strain holders have accrued $RAKS through staking to begin breeding and battling their Strains with one another.

The Player's Club expands at this point. Anyone can acquire Strains or $RAKS and enter the game.

Flowering Phase

The WEEDGANG economy and game expand into the Metaverse and Genesis Strain holders unlock real-world value.

As we grow, club members will enjoy exclusive access to premium perks including real-world clubs, events, apparel drops, exclusive partnership mints, and collaborative incentives with sick partners across the NFT ecosystem..

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I mint?
You can mint Genesis Strains from our website on March 2, 2022.

PLOT NFTs will be available as a free mint in the lead-up to the Strain mint. Stay tuned and follow Twitter + Discord with notifications on.
What is the mint price?
Mint a Genesis Strain for 0.08 ETH. You can stake your Strains immediately to generate $RAKS which will allow you to battle and breed.
What are the benefits of owning A GENESIS STRAIN?
Each Genesis Strain tokenizes the genetic IP of a real cannabis strain onto the blockchain. It is limited edition, exclusive, and authentic to the breeder that created it.

Genesis Strains also live forever in the game, accruing the in-game currency $RAKS and giving players a headstart advantage to breed new Strains.

They also give exclusive access to perks including real-world clubs, events, apparel drops, exclusive partnership mints, and collaborative incentives with sick partners across the NFT ecosystem.
Is the art randomly generated or preassigned?
The art represents metadata specific to each strain. From colours to frost density, our breeders collaborate with the artists to identify strain specific traits and represent them visually. The editions are limited, but the only path to unique strains is to breed them yourself.
How long after minting will I BE ABLE TO USE MY STRAINS
You will be able to begin playing Phase 1 of the game immediately after minting. Your Strain NFTs will be eligible for staking to accrue $RAKS and if you were lucky enough to win some free PLOT NFTs or buy them off OpenSea you will be able to expand your portfolio.

Code of Ethics

  1. Respect is the one true currency.
  2. Everyone eats. Always.
  3. Whoever has the most fun wins.
  4. Strive to raise the collective consciousness.
  5. Debate ideas not people.
  6. Build the culture you want to live in.
  7. Ego is the enemy of good art.
  8. Style and substance both matter.
  9. To build the future, you have to live in the future.
  10. Know yourself.